Start Sale Acropolis Curacao

Start Sale Acropolis Curacao

Willemstad – In December 2012 EWP and the Government signed a new PPP agreement and kicked off project Acropolis. The location of this project is at Montana Abou and will include 84 exquisite homes in 5 different types according to the well-known EWP concept. EWP is continuously improving and perfecting this model by looking at ways to improve the buildings and effective use of space in architectural design. For EWP building at high standards at reasonable prices remains their main goal. With the right partners on board EWP promises another successful project with the delivery of the first homes mid 2015. Infrastructure is in place and the sale of the houses also started at a fast pace in July of 2013.

Project lots: 84 lots
Project period: 2 years
Start date: June 2014

The 5 different house types are described below, but try our Your Home page to click your way to the home that best suits you!

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