Social projects

Part of a larger world!

The Janssen de Jong group supports social organisations worldwide and donates a substantial amount annually to various causes and social projects. To oversee these operations a foundation was founded, Stichting Signaal Sosial. The foundation focuses on supporting children, the elderly, the unemployed and the physically or mentally disabled. Since lack or poor education often misguides the youth towards a life of crime, the emphasis is placed on after school programs for underprivileged children. Culture, music, sports and games replace life on the streets and support an interest in culture and personal growth and development. The Caribbean islands often receive school supplies and furniture as additional aid from The Netherlands.

Participation in the social programs by the employees of the various companies that form the Janssen de Jong group is crucial. Other ways companies get involved is by sponsoring a sports club with an annual fee or one-time contribution.

In addition to the human aspect, Janssen de Jong is also continuously striving for sustainability pertaining to operations, so much so that it has become a requirement. Janssen de Jong believes that consideration for the environment in which we operate defines our long-term continuity.

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