Aruba Airport Runway Rehabilitation


Both airport projects were executed practically simultaneously, with work carried out non-stop, through day and night shifts. Runway rehabilitation included resurfacing the top layer of a portion of the runway and refurbishing all of the runway lighting. It required careful planning as the airport needed to remain fully operational with all existing installations completely functional. The runway was closed only from 11 PM until 7 AM. During this timeframe, sections of the runway were cold milled, cleaned, provided an adhesive layer, covered with asphalt and rolled. All work was accomplished before 7:15 AM, when the first flights of the day began to arrive.

At the same time, goals for the development of the south side of the airport were realised. The apron for private planes was recapped and extended. New lighting, light poles and signage were installed. Also, proper drainage of surface water off the aprons was assured.