Paving Zuidpier Shopping Mall


A local entrepreneur has developed a shopping mall at the Zuidpier in Kralendijk to accommodate the growing amount of tourists. BWM Infrastructure has contributed to this ambitious project by laying the infrastructure in and around the mall.

By using classical façades and putting the buildings close together, a cozy atmosphere is created. Participating in this project has been a great opportunity to show the quality of BWM Infrastructure and the paving products of Betonindustrie Brievengat.

Kralendijk’s Zuidpier is also used for the transport of containers from Curacao and fresh fruit and vegetables from Venezuela. This sometimes led to a crowded situation at the building site. Prior to the project we have held meetings with the customer to translate his wishes into an executable plan. We have eventually decided to use 4 types of tiles in 4 different colors. The parking space neatly connects to the road. The surface is optimised for rain drainage and shopping comfort.


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