The way we work

Integrity is an important core value at the Janssen de Jong Caribbean way of working. In 2012 KPMG audited the Janssen de Jong group and the results were presented in series of booklets establishing the Janssen de Jong codes of conduct. At present Janssen de Jong Caribbean is also tackling and updating their codes of conduct to ensure that integrity, honesty and responsibility is an integrate part of our daily operations on all levels of the company.

As an investment in the employees, courses and programs for personal growth and development and team building, are offered by Janssen de Jong Group. The objective is to achieve maximum potential.

Considering the industries in which Janssen de Jong operates safety is a must. Annual safety meetings are held, and safety plans are in place per project, work site and company.

The workforce at Janssen de Jong Caribbean consists of a kaleidoscope of nationalities and people are at the heart of the business. The Human Resource managers at Janssen de Jong Caribbean are fully integrated in the local operations and operate centrally. This modern policy guarantees flexibility when it comes to new developments in the community and our capability to react on them.

The conditions offered are amongst the best throughout the islands. By offering two types of employment contracts, and pension plans, health insurance and special accident insurance as part of the general conditions.